2016 Endangered Building #1 – Pavey Block

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1. Pavey Block (1904)
Location: N. High Street between W. Northwood and W. Oakland Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43201
Owner: Eventide LLC

1- Pavey BlockThe Pavey Block is comprised of approximately 13 buildings, 8 of which are on the 2200 block of North High Street, and includes six historic homes, a 19th century farmhouse and a corner grocery (now restaurant). The “block,” however, references all the buildings between West Northwood and West Oakland Avenues from North High Street on the east to Wall Alley on the west.

For almost a century Dr. Charles W. Pavey was a living legend in the University District adjacent to the main campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus. He spent most of his life in the house on North High Street where he was born in 1906. In the course of a medical career resulting in the successful delivery of more than 25,000 babies, he also acquired most of the houses on the block with the intention of preserving the century old homes and adaptively reusing them as rental housing. To this end, he supported the down-zoning of the neighborhood west of High Street in the 1980s from high density residential to a lower density, and his son and daughter-in-law, the late Chuck and Bonnie Pavey, lived in their High Street home, were community leaders, and continued Dr. Pavey’s vision.

In December 2015, a proposal came before the University Area Review Board (UARB) for the redevelopment of the site, initially proposing the demolition of all but two houses (the Pavey house and office) and the new construction of a large residential housing development to the rear. The proposal does not require any zoning variances but does require a certificate of appropriateness from the University Area Review Board. However, within the last four months, the project has continued to evolve, and at present proposes the retention of the six “four square” houses on High Street, the redevelopment of the rest of the site with a smaller scale residential building at the back of the property, and a new retail development at the corner of West Northwood and North High Street.

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