2016 Endangered Building #13 – Pilgrim Elementary

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13. Pilgrim Elementary School (1922)
Location: 440 Taylor Avenue, Columbus, OH 43203
Owner: Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT)

pilgrimBuilt to alleviate overcrowding at other schools and to accommodate the growing number of children on Columbus’ Near East Side, Pilgrim Elementary School opened in 1922. It was named the “Pilgrim” school by the Columbus Board of Education to honor the tri-centennial of the Pilgrims landing. An Ohio Historical Marker notes the cooperative and community-minded nature of the school and active participation of working class parents.

The school closed in 2004. Columbus City Schools sold the building late last year for the appraised value of $262,000 to Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT), a non-profit consortium of the City of Columbus, The Ohio State University and the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority. It was recently reported that PACT may elect to demolish the building because renovating it would exceed the cost of constructing a new building on the site, according to a 5.10.16 Columbus Dispatch story.

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