2016 Endangered Building #4 – Original Port Cols Airport Terminal

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4. Original Port Columbus Terminal (1929)
Location: 4920 E. Fifth Ave., Columbus, OH
Owner: Columbus Regional Airport Authority

2 Port Columbus TerminalThe Original Port Columbus Airport Control Tower was built in 1929 by Allied Architects Association, a consortium of architects best known for their work to create a classical civic center after the 1913 flood. The octagonal control tower and two-story building marked the transfer point of New York passengers by railroad to the Transcontinental Air Transport Ford Tri-Motors to Waynoka, Oklahoma where they boarded another overnight train in New Mexico for a TAT flight to Los Angeles. The entire coast-to-coast trip took only 48 hours, and the inauguration of air service in Columbus was marked on July 8, 1929, with the appearance of noted aviators Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and Henry Ford. Captain Eddie Rickenbacker arrived the next day. The survival of such an early air facility is extraordinarily rare. The building is owned by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and is unused.

In 2015, mold was re-mediated from the building and a temporary membrane was put in place to seal the roof, thanks to fundraising efforts by a preservation group led by George O’Donnel and Mike Peppe. Efforts continue to be made to seek a productive use for this historic and architecturally significant building.

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