Ghost Tours

We’re halfway to Halloween, and to tide you over until our full ghost tour schedule in October, we’re offering a few new ghostly experiences!

Ravine 1History Through Hauntings: Glen Echo Ravine
Tuesday, April 28  6-9 p.m.
$20 Members
$25 Non-Members

As anyone who has been on our October tours can tell you, the neighborhoods of Columbus can be very “spirited” places. Sometimes the architecture, history and lore are well known, other times they are more obscure – even to the current residents. Buildings disappear over time, roads change courses, plans are scrapped, and history is forgotten…but not by all. Forgotten events, vacated structures and unfulfilled plans are recalled through the haunted lore of Glen Echo Ravine. The unique location has inspired stories and folklore … and the art of storytelling. Learn about the history of the neighborhood and lore of Glen Echo Ravine: What was there, what was going to be there and who may remain there.

It is believed that as early as 1887, Romeo Gregg, a carpenter, may have built the first house on Arcadia Avenue in the Glen Echo neighborhood. Passing away not long after building his home, Mr. Gregg may not have had time to ponder that with great houses come great neighborhoods–AND with the proximity of the wild natural ravines–even greater stories. Many more homes would be built 1910-1920s, homes have rich and diverse architectural styles, reflecting early 20th century tastes, and they are hidden in a “village-like” setting. A designated National Register District, Glen Echo is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the city, whose residents are heavily involved in the arts and advocacy. They are caretakers of the Glen Echo ravine, an environmental preserve with its own little-known history. Join us for an evening walking tour to learn about a neighborhood through its haunts–literally and figuratively. Following the walking tour we will visit a nearby tucked-away arts space, Wild Goose Creative, for refreshments as master storytellers tell more spirited tales of the spirits of Columbus.

fire museumPhantoms & Façades: Engine House No. 16
Saturday, May 2  7-11 p.m.
Central Ohio Fire Museum
$20 Members
$25 Non-Members

Since Columbus Landmarks Original Annual Ghost Tours began, folks have been thrilled and chilled by the stories and buildings that are visited every October. Now is your chance to go beyond the typical walking tour. Join Columbus Landmarks Foundation and the Central Ohio Fire Museum on a unique adventure as we celebrate “Halfway to Halloween” on Saturday, May 2 at 7 p.m. Take part in an actual ghost hunt and learn the history and hauntings associated with this landmark building and former James B. Recchie Design Award winner…and maybe have your own paranormal experience.

The No. 16 Engine House was built in 1908 and closed in 1981, but not everyone left. Does Captain Dukeman still look over the building? Stories of the Captain have been circulated since before the engine house closed. On Duty fireman would hear someone walking around on different floors, when they knew those floors were empty. Electrical items sometimes have a mind of their own. The horses can sometime still be heard in the stables…or so the stories go. Join historians and paranormal investigators as YOU take part in searching for evidence of the spirits that are rumored to still haunt this 107 year old structure. Guests will learn the history of the building and gain intimate knowledge of all four floors while exploring and searching for the unknown. Many of the areas you will be exploring are typically not open to the public. This is a chance to experience the building in a new and different way. You be divided into groups and lead by seasoned ghost hunters as you traverse the building. You will learn and have access to many “tools of the trade” and also feel free to bring your own. Pizza will be served.

Please check back for full 2015 ghost tour schedule in September:

When Spirits Roamed the Village
Columbus Landmarks Foundation and German Village Society offer a walking tour appropriate to the season, featuring the stories and architecture of Columbus’s popular 19th century neighborhood.  Six locations and their stories will be featured—from the light-hearted tales of ghostly tea parties and the house that needs no dusting to the somber and true stories of the county poor house and a grief-stricken mother.  Included are additional tales of occasional poltergeists, creatures that didn’t appreciate a good rehabbing, and Halloween customs in the Village in the past.

Halloween Lantern Walking Tours
Our ever-popular lantern walking tours featuring various historic (and haunted!) Columbus neighborhoods.  A chance to recapture the mystery of a fall evening with the crunch of autumn leaves, the promise of sweet treats, and the thrill of a story that makes even your own house seem haunted when you return home.   Bring flashlight if possible or help carry one of our lanterns.

OSU “In the Spirit” Walking Tour
A walking tour of campus and off-campus buildings with architectural and historical significance. True stories about infamous happenings, urban legends, and surprising hauntings will be shared along the way. Every neighborhood has a dark side…but with the diverse and rich history of the University District, this dark side may tell us more than we want to know about ourselves.

HauntedSpirits” Tavern Tours
Sometimes a tavern tour is not just a tavern tour until you can call on a few spirits to join you—both the ethereal and the liquid kind.  Columbus taverns, saloons, and one-of-a-kind gathering places are blessed with the occasional appearing and disappearing patron. Weaving in these tales of lost souls who include former prominent citizens and ordinary Columbusites are true stories of forgotten burial grounds, part of the city repeatedly built over, reported murders, smoldering passions, and scandalous gossip (would you have it any other way?). Each night, three taverns will be featured, as we usually do, but the focus is also on the seldom-seen parts of the establishment.