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Legacy Circle | Columbus Landmarks

Columbus Landmarks is proud to welcome Nancy Recchie and Jeff Darbee into our Legacy Circle! The Legacy Circle honors individuals who wholeheartedly support Columbus Landmarks' mission.

The Legacy Circle was established in 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis with a generous $10,000 donation to Columbus Landmarks from SMBH, Inc. in honor of Bill Lantz’s career and his dedication to our mission. Now, friends and associates of Nancy and Jeff continue this tradition of generosity to fortify Columbus Landmarks’ work and help us tackle exciting new initiatives.
Nancy and Jeff are synonymous with Columbus Landmarks and have been active in the organization from the very beginning in 1977. As career historic preservationists, they have dedicated their lives to protecting and promoting the historical and cultural legacy of Columbus, as well as inspiring the next generation of volunteers and professionals.
The Legacy Circle will strengthen the impact of our non-profit organization as we advocate for historic preservation and design excellence throughout Greater Columbus.
The Legacy Circle will provide us with needed operating support as we initiate our Endangered Properties Fund, and our Home Preservation Loan Fund. Our initiatives are growing, our staff is growing, our advocacy is growing, and we celebrate that our Legacy Circle is growing.

Nancy and Jeff's Love Story
"Romance Out Of The Rubble"
Columbus Landmarks partnered with StoryCorps in 2019 to capture Nancy and Jeff's love story. We hope you enjoy listening to "Romance Out Of The Rubble," produced by WOSU's StoryCorps COLUMBUS.

Nancy Recchie and Jeff Darbee in front of the Union Station Arch that they worked to preserve and that birthed their romance and Columbus Landmarks

Inaugural 2020 Honoree, Bill Lantz, with 2021 Honorees, Nancy Recchie and Jeff Darbee

Thank you to the Legacy Circle Donors

In honor of Nancy Recchie and Jeff DarbeeMichaeline Brucken
Designing Local – Amanda Golden, Joshua Lapp, Matthew Leasure
Phyllis Duryee
Patricia Henahan
Chris and Rebecca Hermann
Cynthia Hunt
Richard and Gretchen Klimoski
Peter Krajnak and Ann Croft
Donna Laidlaw
Bill and Ruth Lantz
Bob and Jackie Loversidge
Karen McCoy
Cathy Nelson
Barbara Powers
Reita Smith
Sallie Sherman
Jim and Nancy Turner
Brad and Becky West
Judy WilliamsIn honor of Bill LantzTeri Alexander
Mindy and Colin Brooks
Jeff Darbee and Nancy Recchie
Jonnie Geis
Cynthia Hunt
J. Thomas Jones
Peter Krajnak and Ann Croft
Mary Kuehn
Darryl Rogers
SMBH, Inc.
Michael Smith
Brad and Becky West

Peter Krajnak, Columbus Landmarks Trustee and Development Chair, created this ode for Nancy and Jeff's surprise induction on March 23, 2021.We gather on this special day
This twenty-third day of March
To recognize a special bond
That was sparked beside an Arch During our nation’s bicentennial year
On the twenty second night of October
The wrecking crew had descended
And the results were rather sober Our Burnham masterpiece was lost
But a greater movement was found
A cause for preserving our history
A voice, and advocates renowned Thanks in part to Nancy and Jeff
Columbus Landmarks arose from this dust
And something even more emerged
Their marriage and a love robust A love for each other
And a love for our town
A love for great buildings
That shouldn’t go down You have dedicated your lives
To promoting and preserving
These great historic places
That are certainly deserving And speaking of deserving …
We can’t imagine anyone more deserving of this honor as we welcome Nancy Recchie and Jeff Darbee into the Columbus Landmarks Legacy Circle!