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Home Preservation Program

Connecting Homeowners With Resources To Help Renovate & Preserve Older Homes

The mission of the Home Preservation Program (HPP) is to assist area homeowners in the preservation, repair and maintenance of houses 50 years and older.

• Provides resources to help homeowners preserve the unique architectural character of their older homes.
• Guides & assists homeowners on repair and renovation projects including free, impartial consultation on appropriate repairs, materials and ongoing maintenance.
• Hosts hands-on workshops on a variety of home improvement topics including window restoration, masonry repair, garden design and more! See some of the videos HERE.
• Connects homeowners with qualified contractors experienced in working with materials appropriate for historic buildings
• Home Preservation Loan Fund provides low-interest home improvement loans in neighborhoods that have experienced disinvestment. Check Back Here For Updates On This Soon.

Home Preservation Program Resources

Preservation Director Susan Keeny works with many homeowners and specialty contractors to address all types of home repairs. Schedule a visit to have our team look at retaining walls, water leaks, masonry, unsiding a house, porch maintenance and other aging home issues. Here's an example of one homeowner who had a unique wood attic window issue that required complete restoration.

Another Satisfied Homeowner

A Homeowner's Comment: “Tim finished our attic window and we couldn't be more pleased! It's such an upgrade and a huge relief to me to have the storm frame which split the window sashes gone. Thanks again for the connection and the Home Preservation Program. I will definitely be in touch with any additional questions and we are hoping to have Tim do some more window work in the future.
– Nathan Ticknor, Westgate homeowner



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