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The 2019 Most Endangered List represents an immediate opportunity to create a more sustainable and culturally dynamic Columbus.

Columbus is right now being shaped for generations to come and our advocacy efforts are focused on preventing our city from becoming a generic anyplace. We believe that what makes Columbus’ built environment special are diverse layers of architectural styles and eras that strike a bold mix of old and new. However, just 25% of our city’s buildings date to pre-1945, compared to a 50-city average of 38%. Development activity to meet our city’s anticipated growth has put tremendous pressure on our historic building inventory downtown and in our diverse neighborhoods. We risk sacrificing distinctiveness and cultural capital when we continue to bulldoze our scarce remaining historic architecture.

Columbus Landmarks publishes the annual list of Most Endangered Sites to create awareness and stimulate redevelopment of properties at risk of demolition, long-term vacancy, or significant deterioration. The featured buildings meet our criteria of architectural and/or historical significance. The buildings are identified and nominated by the public, screened and selected by our Advocacy Committee, and approved by our Board of Trustees. The Most Endangered Sites list provides the organization with a priority work list for its efforts and helps maintain a spotlight on the most threatened structures.

Can we grow toward a culturally, aesthetically, and socially diverse community?

Can we make headlines with our beautiful and creative adaptive reuse projects?

Can we stand out from our competitors with a bold and unique mix of cutting-edge design and historic preservation?

2019 Most Endangered Sites

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