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2019 Most Endangered Buildings

Macon Lounge

Year Built: 1888
Address: 366 N. 20th St., Columbus, OH 43203
Original Use: Hotel
Owner: Yhezkel Levi, Z on Main LLC

Listed on the Columbus Register of Historic Places, the Macon is a landmark associated with jazz history in the historic King-Lincoln/Bronzeville District. The Macon provided regular lodging for African American musicians booked for shows in and around Columbus in the early to mid-20th century. It was transformed from a hotel to a club and lounge after World War II. The Macon was listed in the 1957 Green Book, the guide published for African-American travelers to help navigate a segregated America. The building features stylized cornices and window corbels ornamenting the façade of the commercial brick structure.
Why is this Site Endangered?
The building was purchased in 2017 and plans to rehabilitate it for micro-unit apartments were announced. No visible progress has been made to date, but further deterioration is evident. Scaffolding was recently erected near the southeast corner after bricks toppled from the second story. The rear of the building appears unstable, and a large portion of the interior second floor has collapsed into the first floor.

Photos by Orbit Design & Richard Burry

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