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6. Holy Rosary School (1928)

Most Endangered Buildings

6. Holy Rosary School (1928)
1667 E Main St., Columbus 43205

Owner: Rock of Faith Baptist Church
The Holy Rosary Catholic High School building, opened in 1928, was used until well into the 1960s when the Holy Rosary Parish was merged to help form the Community of Holy Rosary and St. John the Evangelist. The last senior class graduated from Holy Rosary Roman Catholic High School in 1966. The school was built in the Northern Italianate style and was designed to complement the nearby Holy Rosary Church. Both incorporate distinctive clay tile insets into the exterior décor of the brick buildings. Other structures on the site include an elementary school and a convent. The high school is boarded up and shows signs of deterioration.


Sharon Brady – April 21, 2018

Is this building for sale

Becky West – April 26, 2018

Hi Sharon! Good question … we have heard from several interested parties and have directed them to the owner, but it seems that this building and the entire Holy Rosary campus are in limbo. We are evaluating it for this year’s Most Endangered List and hope to have some news to share. Please stay tuned – thank you!

Michael Howard – July 25, 2018

The entire site is available for sale or some form of redevelopment plan. I am the executive director of Rock of Faith CDC. Thanks!

philip niklas – July 30, 2021

Hello micheal howard im philip i wanted to ask you if i could get some photography shots inside the church and old school if you have access to it. im working of some historical research of the place now and would love to get some inside shots before the buildings are gone. i hope you can help me with this request as some of my family members went to this school back in the 60,s and having photography of the inside
of the school and church would be great for out family tree book. thanks philip

Catherine Walker – July 25, 2018

My husband and his brother and sister went to Rosary.

Michael Howard – July 25, 2018

Please contact me for futher details.

Julia Hanna – October 12, 2018

I am interested in learning more about this property for potential redevelopment.

John Gable – December 17, 2018

it would be nice if someone would buy the school building and do it like they did the old Barrett school off parsons

Becky West – December 18, 2018

We agree that adaptive reuse of these buildings would be wonderful!

David Kinzelman – September 8, 2019

Convent building was built in 1950’s , while I attended Holy Rosary Grade School , in the original building on the campus. The convent is the newest building on the campus. There are lots of Rosary grade and high school grads in Columbus. Lots of experiences/recollections are available.

Jennifer Pusecker – April 9, 2020

Does anyone have a Class photo or anything from 1951?

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