Help Make Preservation a Priority!

Inaugural #PreserveCBUS
2023 Most Endangered Sites Tour
September 12, 2023

About the Bus Tour: Attendees will be on a coach bus, with a bathroom, for our multi-stop tour of our 2023 Most Endangered Sites.  We will board outside of the Columbus Landmarks headquarters at The Jefferson Center. Attendees will hear about the history and preservation needs of each building while on the way to the site. At each location, representative(s) of the ownership / developers have been invited to share with us their plans for the historic site. Attendees will be provided a public relations contact to direct their questions and concerns offline from this tour. After the presentation at Engine House No. 10 (stop 4), attendees will be given an extended leg stretch and bathroom break as well.

Our Three Principles of Engagement
To be effective advocates for our sites and other future greater Columbus preservation needs, we are asking all attendees to abide by the following three principles of engagement.

1. Mindful, Civic Participation: Site owners and/or developers will be presenting us with a short presentation of their plans for the site. They are being asked to provide a contact for questions from the public during their presentation. In the interest of time, we are asking attendees to listen and direct commentary to the provided contact. Press may be in and around this event. We love the enthusiasm of our membership engaging in civic dialogue and want participants to simply be mindful in their conversations that what is said could become public.

2. Radical Inclusion: We are all on this journey to protect our architectural and cultural heritages. We come to this collective space from different walks of life but with a shared enthusiasm for learning and doing; we ask all to be respectful of differences in understanding, knowledge, political affiliation, and comfort. We are all here for the same reasons, to save these buildings and advocate for the best outcome possible for our city.

3. Leave No Trace: Columbus Landmarks respects our environment and is committed to leaving no physical trace of our tour through litter, etc. Please make sure you keep track of all of your belongings and recycle / throw away refuse in appropriate bins.

Tour Stop Information
(1) START 12:15, September 12, 2023 @ The Jefferson Center
57 Jefferson Ave, Columbus OH 43215 – Free parking is available in the auxiliary State Auto / Liberty Insurance lot.

(2) Hayes Henderson House 1544 Atcheson St Columbus, OH 43203
(3) Summit United Methodist Church 82 E 16th St Columbus, OH 43201
(4) Engine House No. 10 1096 W. Broad St.Columbus, OH 43222

***Stretch Your Legs & Bathroom Break @ Bottoms Up Coffee***

(5) Old Lazarus Block 167-191 S High St Columbus, OH 43215
(6) Downtown YMCA Building 40 W Long St Columbus, OH 43215
(7) END 5:15 The Jefferson Center
Columbus Landmarks Headquarters 57 Jefferson Ave, Columbus OH 43215


Q: Where can I park my own vehicle before boarding the bus?
A: The auxiliary State Auto / Liberty Mutual parking lot (located at the corner of Broad and Washington Ave) will be made available for members to park their vehicle. Please make sure you secure your vehicle before leaving for our tour.

Q: What will we do in case of inclement weather?
A: This is a bus tour and will go on with rain. We are asking attendees to come prepared for the forecasted weather and host sites to provide pop-up tents in case of showers for their presentation.

Q: Can non-members and / or non-member guests attend?
A: This bus tour is for those with an active membership with Columbus Landmarks only. Please join / renew your Columbus Landmarks membership before signing up. Please kindly make sure any friends or family you would like to come with you are members in advance.

Q: Are kids welcome?
A: Children are always welcome at Columbus Landmarks events. We always encourage attendees to consider the length and venue of our offerings with the age and independence of the child before committing. Additionally, the child must be a listed Columbus Landmarks member through our household membership option (as they are minors) for this event.

Q: How are reservations being managed for this high-demand event?
A: We wanted an accessible per ticket cost of $35 for our active Columbus Landmarks membership base. Unlike other events, we will be confirming reservations individually back to those that have signed up given the highly anticipated demand and limited availability. In the event that a ticket purchase is unable to be used for this tour due to space constraints, we will notify the purchaser of the issue and reimburse back the purchase cost. The first five on the waiting list will be invited to arrive and be on a standby list to fill in for any no-shows.

Q: Do we have to sign anything relating to principles or safety?
A: Yes, all attendees will sign a release waiver. Additionally, attendees will be asked to sign a form stating they will abide by our three principles of engagement and agree to being photographed (as well as any minors they are responsible for on the tour). These release materials will be made available on the confirmation reservation email.