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Historic Sheep Farmhouse | Columbus Landmarks

2020 Most Endangered Sites

Historic Sheep Farmhouse

Year Built: c1880s
Address: 2425 W. Case Road, Columbus, OH 43235
Original Building Use: Residence
Owner: City of Columbus

One of the oldest remaining structures in Northwest Columbus, this brick farmhouse is an important example of rural architecture and sits on a 58-acre parcel purchased in 2019 for creation of a new city park and community hub. Originally owned by William F. and Maude Lane, the house is a simple Federal style with windows that are three-ranked (three windows across on the second story with two windows and a door on the first story), stone lintels, and a hipped roof with exposed rafter ends. The front door overhang and rear extension were later additions. The farmhouse is in fair condition and was in recent use as a meeting space when OSU owned the sheep farm property.

Why is this site endangered?

The Friends of the Historic Sheep Farm successfully advocated for the purchase of the land and creation of the park, and now advocate for reuse of the farmhouse as an information center or meeting space after being told there is no use for the building. Beyond its aesthetic value, the farmhouse provides an irreplaceable record of rural vernacular heritage and conditions of everyday life, as well as a tangible opportunity to teach children and future generations the history of the area pre-dating intensive development.

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Justine – May 16, 2020

I have lived near this house for over 40 years and loved the sheep farm! This house could certainly be used in conjunction with the planned park and would be a terrible loss to our community if it were demolished.

Leslie Tilton – July 27, 2020

This is a great example of rural NW Columbus farm buildings. Pleas save this history for the future and use it in conjunction with the park.

Petra Schmalbrock – October 20, 2020

Please save this historic landmark as part of the new Park!!
Keep the historic building for a all sorts of park programs, and to tell about the history of the surrounding land. That would be much more rewarding and perhaps even cheaper than to build new structures. Use some part of the new Park as historic demonstration farm? Similar to what is done at Gallant Farm for Preservation Parks of Delaware? Right next to an Elementary school!

Kari – June 23, 2021

What a lovely house! It would be ideal as part of the park. Please save this this important part of Columbus history!

Lauren Williams – June 23, 2021

Please save this fine example of a rural farmhouse! Highly support funds used to secure this home for use i e historical education experience, working farmhouse, etc. Way too many historical buildings are sacrificed in the name of progress & our heritage is being replaced by “shiny new objects”

Marcdavid Cohn – October 13, 2021

As a frequent visitor to the Sheep Farm I feel the historical value of the “lone” farmhouse makes it integral to the culture of the farm, both past and present, and should remain on site to somehow be creatively repurposed. I’ll add I hope that at least some of the other buildings on the property also get a second life in ways that are beneficial to the community.

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