Help Make Preservation a Priority!

Lessons Learned | Columbus Landmarks

Photo of 3/22 demolition by Tom Smith

There has been a spate of demolitions along historic E. Long Street in the past year, an area that has already sacrificed so much of its architectural heritage. The most recent loss was the c1890s Second Empire style house at 1048 E. Long. This once beautiful residence was featured on our Most Endangered Buildings List for the past two years, but had been vacant and deteriorating for decades. It always pains us to lose a significant building, and it begs the question … what can be done?


We believe our Home Preservation Program may be the answer. This FREE program for Columbus homeowners with houses 50 years+ will help you get out in front of ongoing maintenance and repairs before they become big problems. From house calls to hands-on workshops to low-interest loans, the Home Preservation Program provides resources to help homeowners care for their property, saving our historic neighborhoods one house at a time. Contact Susan Keeny at 614-221-4508 today to schedule your old house spring tune-up.