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Bellows School (1905)

Bellows School

Year Built: c.1905
Address:725 Bellows Avenue Columbus, OH 43222
Bellows Avenue Elementary, built in 1905, opened at Sandusky Street and Bellows Avenue in 1905 with 13 rooms at a cost of $45,200 (the site cost $5,735) for 350 students and 11 teachers. Named for its location at Bellows Avenue, the school and street were named for George Bellows, Senior, the architect and father of George Bellows, the artist who was known for his urban realism as an Ash Can School artist. The school served students on the west side of the Scioto River who lived in the area from Town Street to Greenlawn Avenue. It is scheduled for demolition in 2023.


Trisha Luke – March 19, 2019

I hope this building can be saved. I went there as a child. I have a lot of memories of running around on the playground and remember when all the girls got scared because a bat got trapped by the lunch room doors. 😱

Michael A McFann – January 25, 2020

I went to Bellows from 1968 to 1974. It was the best time of my life. I was captain of the safety patrol my last two years there. I absolutely loved going to school there.

Denise Shreck – September 23, 2020

My husband went there and every time we drive by it, he says that he wishes he could take a tour of it now. Do you know if they are allowing anyone in there and if so, who would I contact. Thank you

Lisa Ohmer – October 12, 2021

A plan to renovate the former Bellows Avenue School in Franklinton will be heard by the Development Commission at its meeting on October 14, 2021. For more on this visit :

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