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Franklin Park Medical Center (1962)

Franklin Park Medical Center
1829 E. Long St. Columbus, OH 43203

Year Built: 1962
Address: 124 S. Washington St. Columbus, OH 43215
The Franklin Park Medical Center, designed by local Architect Harold Scofield, features architectural elements inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. An important part of the City’s heritage, the building is included in Columbus Landmarks Foundation’s recent African-American Landmarks Preservation Initiative Report. The Medical Center was opened by five African-American physicians and served primarily African-American clientele at a time when medical services were still largely segregated. The building is currently unoccupied and has sustained significant water damage. Interested community residents are working to save the building.


Alondra Thompson – August 9, 2020

Is Jack Lance the Pharmacist alive an well. What a friend. I worked with Dr. Fletcher there some good memories.

Cite Center – September 23, 2021

We’re new to town and looking for office and training space. Will rental space be available upon completion of renovations?

C. DeBerry, Co-owner

Thom Shapaka – April 30, 2021

We are in the process of renovating this property and would enjoy any information on the founding 5 doctors.
We would like to honor them in some manner as we move forward.
Any info or pictures of the doctor’s would be most appreciated.

Thom Shapaka – February 22, 2022

Two suites are available as of this post.
1,314 sf and 914 sf respectively.
Both suites are on the upper level, however, will require carpeting prior to move in.
Please call 614-461-1300 for inquiries.

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