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Church of Christ of Apostolic Faith | Columbus Landmarks

2020 Most Endangered Sites

Church of Christ of Apostolic Faith

Year Built: 1965
Address: 1200 Brentnell Avenue, Columbus, OH 43219
Owner: Church of Christ of Apostolic Faith

Amidst a country rife with conflict over racial inequalities, the Brentnell Church (as it is also known) served as a beacon for African American religious communities around the country. The church was designed with an eye to the future and to accommodate growth of the Church of Christ of Apostolic Faith congregation that was established in 1910. The building was designed by Sylvester C. Angel, who was in partnership with Leon Ransom, Columbus’s only other black architect at the time. The iconic facade of the church features a gently sloping roof atop a metal curtain wall supported by a natural stone exterior wall. The stained glass in the transom features an abstracted image of a dove diving from Heaven surrounded by an irregular grid of colorful glass. The interior of the main sanctuary is constructed of natural wood, limestone, and features red carpet. In 1978, large southeast and east wings were constructed and enclose a courtyard.

Why is this site endangered?

Mid-Century Modern church buildings are increasingly vulnerable to deterioration and loss. African American cultural landmarks are overlooked and underrepresented. The Church of Christ of Apostolic Faith is an active community that provides neighborhood outreach including a food pantry, library and Sunday School. Rising costs of significant repairs threaten the long-term survival of this building.

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